Monday, December 28, 2009

her first christmas

i can't believe it already came and fast this most precious christmas flew by. we had a wonderful time spending it with addy and her close family. this year, addy's grandma from california came in town and spent the week with us. she left us this morning and we were all sad to see her go. addy and i were watching a video this morning that had grandma toni's voice on it and i am almost certain she recognized it and looked around to see if she could find her! so i know addy is missing her grandma. : ) this christmas was spent very differently than years past. we spent christmas eve here at our house where we have always spent it at my parents' home. we always go to muenster on christmas day to spend it with great grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins...more people than you can count but are all ridiculously close! we weren't able to make that trip this year due to the weather and icy roads. so we went to my parents' house instead.
addy cleaned up this year with all sorts of fun toys and new clothes. how wonderful it was that her first christmas was a white one!! she caught on pretty quick as to how to open up all of her presents. unfortunately, she was way more interested in the wrapping paper than the toy inside. dusty and i had a wonderful time watching her open her very first presents on her very first christmas.

i probably should have taken more pictures, but i got so caught up in all the fun! i'm pretty sure my dad took more than me, so maybe when i steal them from him, i can add them to the ole blog!

all in all we had the best time spending christmas with our daughter. makes my heart smile to think about it all!

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Jodi said...

Love the pics. So glad ya'll had a great Christmas! Addy just keeps getting cuter and cuter :-)