Thursday, December 31, 2009

my christmas present...

from dusty was perfect!

it is for my classroom! itsn't it cool?! the story behind it is pretty sweet, i think.

upon returning to work from maternity leave back in september, i noticed on my classroom door that my name was not listed as the teacher. in fact, one of our aides was. my name was nowhere to be found. all of the other rooms in the building were correct. accident? i'm sure it was innocent. anyways...dusty listened to me gripe about it when i came home that day. in fact, he has listened to me gripe about this sort of thing multiple times over the years--5 to be exact! it is not that huge of a deal, but it does frustrate me. *soapbox time* i know i teach something funkier than most, but i am part of that school and have been for some time now. my kids are also part of that school and i am still having to fight for them to be remembered year after year. it is hugely frustrating that we are so easliy overlooked.

so apparently, it ticked dusty off that once again someone forgot his wife! he took my griping to heart and decided to make me a sign for my classroom. his exact words when he gave it to me was "maybe no one will forget about you have the biggest, baddest, loudest name sign in the building."

i LOVE it! i think it is so cool and it will go up somewhere in the room. you can't really see it in this picture, but in the apple, he added the autism puzzle pieces as a hologram affect. again, something he knows means a huge deal to me. i think it might just be the most special gift he has given to me, right up there with the engagement ring he gave me 3 years ago. totally came from his heart!!!!

L.O.V.E. my amazing artist of a husband!! he is so talented, it is ridiculous!!

**because i am so very proud of him, here is a link to a little online portfolio of some of his work.*


Tamara and Jeremy McDannel said...

What a sweet and talented husband you have! I can't wait to take a look at it. The autism puzzle piece is just the icing on the cake!

Jodi said...

Wow! So let me get this straight...Not only can Dusty redo kitchens, but he's artistic too?! If he can cook, I'd say you hit the jackpot ;-)