Thursday, December 17, 2009

total sap :)

let me start off by saying that i have become a total sap since having addy. while picking her up from school today (aka daycare), i was given a present for dusty and myself created by addy. i don't think i have been that excited to open a present in quite some time. i opened it up at the red light and found her first hand-made christmas ornament! it was her handprint on one side and a beautiful poem on the back about her tiny precious hand. i totally teared up and cried the rest of the ride home. i was overcome with emotion. i think a lot of it was that i was so appreciative of addy's teacher, rachael, for taking the time to help addy make it when we all know that is not something in addy's repertoire yet. it is also because now i have something that i will forever look back on from addy's first christmas. i was overjoyed.

thank you, rachael. :)


kinsey said...

i want one!

Jodi said...

me too! that is SO sweet. i look forward to the days of school crafts. what a precious memory!