Tuesday, June 29, 2010

12 month checkup

yesterday was addy's 12 month checkup...a week or so late. :)

23 lbs--this was shocking! we thought she was heavier than that!
30 1/4 in long--she is 2 1/2 ft tall already!

she is eating just about everything now. we got the clearance to try some fish with her now. yum! just in time for pensacola! dr. yaeger still thinks we need to wait a bit longer to try peanut butter though. we are also working on weaning off of breast milk. we made it a year--yay!! she continues to nurse twice a day--first thing in the morning and right before bed. she drinks about 12 oz of whole milk a day. she drinks that better for ms. rachael and ms. anna than she does for me. ;) she also tried juice for the first time last week. something else i am very proud we waited this long to do. she isn't really a fan yet though. she prefers her water. not all bad!

she is becoming so fun to play with! she initiates games of peek-a-boo and lately, her version of "chase". when she has something she isn't supposed to have, she no longer gives it to me easily--she thinks she is real funny when she makes me come after her. she got put in time out for the first time at daycare last week for shouting at the lunch table. she was told 3 times to quiet down, but she had other ideas. one year old and already in time out? i think dusty and i are going to have our hands full! she still loves duke like no other. that is her "bubbas". he is so loving back to her as well. she has become very fond of stuffed animals and is also noticing our pictures on the wall of her and the family. she is also turning into quite the little ham. loves to make us laugh...smile...loves the spotlight!

she says "dada" clear as day. it makes me melt to see how excited she gets when dusty walks in the door and vice versa. they are love bugs. :) she says "mama", "bubba", and nods yes and no. she also understands a lot more of what we say to her...like "where's your water? is it time for bath?" etc.

she is perfect. and we are not biased in the least. we continue to grow more in love with her every day.

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Team Purser said...

what a sweet post! i may need some help/advice on making it to 12 months with the breast milk. so far it's going great but if i go back to work -- i'm worried it will be too hard!