Wednesday, June 23, 2010

she turned 1

this past saturday marked the birthday of our sweet girl and we celebrated all weekend long! the weekend started last thursday when alyson, her son ruston, and my mother in law came in town. we laid low around the house, went on some wagon rides, had some takeout, watched the kids play, and drank some beers. :)

friday was filled with toni, myself, and addy doing some last minute shopping for the big party. we ran to wal mart where addy got to help pick out some of her very cool birthday presents--a new playground, and a fun picnic bench! we spent some quality time at the house so addy and her "cali granny" could play with each other.

when alyson and ruston got back from their lunch date on the lake, we did some swimming in addy's kiddie pool. ruston was not a fan, but i think the adults were to blame. ;) the fountain on the pool came shooting out--so much so it made all adults in the vicinity shriek! he was not a fan of the shrieking!

we finished out the evening with a co-ed bath. not to worry, alyson and i were very clear that this was not something that would be okay for very long. :)
on to saturday--the BIG day! alyson and i finished up decorating all of the cupcakes and cakes i baked the night before.
so many people came over to see our girl and celebrate her big day. we were so humbled by all who showed up. addy had a blast playing with her friends and opening her presents. but nothing compared to the cake she got to dig into all by herself!

addy had an amazing first birthday. we were so happy to have toni, alyson, and ruston here to share the entire weekend with us.

toni--thank you for everything you did for addy and us--we LOVE you and appreciate you so much!!

alyson--i wub u!! you are the best, girl. thanks for all of your help with that cake! ;) can't wait t head down to austin!!!

there isn't a day that goes by that we don't feel so incredibly lucky for what we have been given in addy. i can't believe a year has already flown by! we are so in love. :)

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