Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 week appointment

Today was our 2 week appointment for little Miss Addy. Things couldn't have been better. She now weighs 8lbs 3oz. When we left the hospital, she weighed only 7lbs 1oz. In the last week alone, little missy has gained a whopping pound. Looks like the feeding is going well! I felt like it had been, but it was nice to have it confirmed. She also got measured. She was 19 3/4 in at birth and measured 21in today. She is growing like a weed!

They also took her blood. Yuck. I just about cried myself when they stuck her little foot with the needle. She screamed bloody murder and I couldn't swoop her up fast enough. As soon as they were done, I picked her up and she stopped crying immediately. Thank goodness!

She did great otherwise and was super calm throughout the appointment except for the drawing of blood. She was a good little patient. We go back in 2 months for her next checkup. The doctor said that she is "perfect" though!!

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