Thursday, July 23, 2009

the hunt for daycare...

it has begun...boooo. i don't want to think about putting her in daycare and going back to work, but i have to. luckily, i have found some great options in the past few days that are giving us hope. tonite is our first interview with a woman here in sachse who does her own in-home childcare. she is registered with the state and holds her license. i want addy at an in-home facility mainly because i don't want her to be 1 of 15 babies in a center, versus 1 of 3 at someone's home. plus, i have heard some horror stories lately about child care centers. dusty and i both feel that tonite could be the place we end up sending addy. we were both really impressed with her website and her tuition rates are right where we need them so hopefully she and her home match what we saw online! if not, i have found us about 4 or 5 other possiblities in the area as well that we will isit next week.

keep your fingers crossed for us!!

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lmfelderhoff said...

I hope and pray that the interview goes great tonight.