Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New normal!

Things are starting to get a little more normal around here...little miss Addy and I are starting to figure out our little daytime routine. Thank goodness. As far as the nite time goes, we are still working out some tweaks. But, I must say it has improved dramatically over the last two nites. Monday nite, she slept from 12:45 until about 4:40. She and I woke up and ate some breakfast and then she was back to sleep by 6:00 and napped until 9:00 or so. Last nite, she made us work a little bit harder to put her down. I think it was 1:30 before she was actually ready to fall asleep. And then she slept until almost 7am!! Woo hoo! I felt like a new woman waking up as the sun was rising and not hours before it!
We have a wonderful resource who is our lactation nurse. She is there for us literally 24/7. We have met with her twice now and called her a couple of times at not so convenient times of nite. She answers and couldn't be happier to help us--thank goodness!! She has given us some great ideas to help us in the evenings, otherwise known at the Dominie household as Addy's witching hour. It can get brutal around here! Thanks to our lactation nurse and a little invention known as a breast pump, things are lookin' good around here. Dusty is able to help with feedings in the evening which makes both of us feel better. I'm able to feel more rested and he is able to feel more a part of his daughter's day to day life. Its quite nice!

And thanks to this little breast pump, I was able to have my first beer last nite in 10 months. I'll be honest, I had that moment all built up in my head that it would be the best thing to ever touch my lips. Not so. Instead, I felt racked with guilt that I was being selfish. I can hear all the eyes roll now. I know I know. Its silly to feel that way. But when your world turns into life as a mom and your only job is to make sure this tiny person is nourished, it becomes difficult to remember to treat yourself and to then feel good about it. (I'm working on it. ;)) So, I didn't really enjoy the beer as much as I thought I would. Maybe its because it was a Bud Light and it needed to be something a little better...maybe a Blue Moon with a lemon or a Dos Equis or a we're talkin'! Maybe I'll have one of those for the big 4th of July this weekend!
Anyways...I'm absolutely loving being Addy's mom. Its definitely not an easy job, but so worth it! And Dusty is absolutely adorable with her...she looks so tiny in his big hands. We make a pretty good team!
Here are some more pictures...I already said that we can't help ourselves with the camera these days! Enjoy!!

Her face cracks me up here!

I think she looks adorable! Look how huge his hands are next to her!

Brother and Sister!


kinsey said...

she is precious leslie. so glad you are enjoying her so much...didn't expect anything less. i'm so ready!

The May Family said...

Look how tiny and wonderful she is!!!! the guilt feeling is normal...I have it too- still. I think it takes time to balance the you before with the you 'now'. It is really a hard thing because you are now a totally different person with a new and wonderful little person to love endlessly. BEST THING EVER.