Wednesday, July 15, 2009

meeting the great grandparents

yesterday we drove up to muenster to introduce little miss addy to her great grandparents. addy is very lucky in that she has all but one of her great grandparents around and in good health for her to meet and learn from. they all just absolutely loved her and thought she was just about the cutest little thing they had seen! here are some pictures...

here addy is with her great grandma reinart, this is my mom's mother

addy with her great grandma felderhoff, dad's mom (she had just woken up!)

we had a great time seeing everyone and wish i had taken more pictures. here is a picture of addy laying on her brand new quilt my grandma reinart's best friend, dorothy, made for our little one. isn't it pretty!

addy also got to meet great aunt patty, but i failed to take any pictures. we got to go to patty's boutique in town, Girlfriends--such a great store. addy will become a frequent customer there i'm sure! she already has a few things from there...great aunt patty knows good gifts!! ;)

it was sure a busy day and addy let us know it was a little much for her tiny little self. last nite was pretty rough. she only slept a total of 3 hours through the nite when she has been sleeping closer to 6--which daddy and i like better. i think all of the visiting and being in the car threw addy off of her schedule. we are back on track today though!

on another note, monday nite dusty and i went out to dinner for his big birthday. it was the first time i left her. my mom and dad were more than happy to help and keep her for a couple of hours. and yes, i did cry when we left her freakin hard to leave this little girl. geez! i can't imagine what it is going to be like when its time for me to go back to work. i don't know what i'm going to do. the thought of it just makes my heart hurt. ugh. we will get through it, i'm sure..just don't want to!

here are some more recent pictures of my little angel...she is 4 weeks on friday! aaahhh! where does the time go?!

she is completely asleep in this picture...we call it her "thug life" pose... :)

also completely asleep...this girl and her hands!

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Jodi said...

love the "thug life" pose ;-)
glad you and dusty got to get out on your own for awhile!