Sunday, July 26, 2009

eric & melissa's wedding

yesterday, my cousin, eric, got married to the newest addition of the felderhoff family, melissa! what a beautiful wedding and what a fun party! the only picture of the actual wedding i got was of eric watching melissa come down the aisle. oops!
the rest of the pictures came from the reception and mostly centered on you guessed it, addy! we had a great time--anytime the whole family is together is fabulous!!!
god-mama hollie and addy lisa and dave

kyle and me

mom and me


yummy wine!

dancin away!

dusty and alan

grandpa and addy

could be my favorite pic of the nite! my uncles tim and mark, and my only if terry lee could have been in it too

grandma and addy

dusty, addy, and uncle dave

me and my daughter!

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