Friday, July 24, 2009

the hunt for daycare...part 2

so.....we went to meet/interview the potential daycare for addy last nite. this lady was AWESOME! i was so impressed, she runs it like a teacher runs a classroom. everything was super organized and clean. she has a nice website, has a posted schedule, posted menus, writes semi lesson plans, licensed through the state, and a beautiful backyard. its a placewhere i know my daughter will be safe and loved and she will only be one of two babies. we were ready to sign up last nite, but she wasn't quite yet. she is waiting to hire an aide to help out and as soon as she does, she will let us sign addy up. she says she feels like she will have an answer for us in the next 2 weeks. i left a little disappointed because i was under the impression she was available. oh well. she made us feel like it would not be a problem and that she would get in touch with us in the next 2 weeks.

so until i hear from her, i'm going to act like we don't have anything in the works. we will be visiting a few other homes next week. BUT we really want to go with this first lady! so pray that we can go with her!!

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