Monday, July 6, 2009

On our own

Today was the first day that Addy and I were completely on our own...with the assistance of Duke of course! The majority of our first week at home, Dusty was here and if he wasn't my Mom was. Last week, Dusty was back at work full time, but we still had my Mom coming over every day at lunch for an hour or two to help me get some food or do some laundry. Today--just Addy, me, and the dog. Things have gone well..pretty proud of myself!

Our morning was good, pretty routine. Addy fell asleep around 11:00 so I thought it would be a good time to make myself a sandwich. As soon as I started to spread the mustard on the bread, she starts screaming. Ugh. I had to get creative...I had to eat because if I don't, I'm no good to her. I pulled out the sling that my wonderful sister in law made me and decided to give it a whirl. Trying to get Addy in there for the first time was tricky...she screamed...I was clumsy...but we did it. I headed back into the kitchen and finished the sandwich making. Within minutes, she was back asleep. The sling must be a similar feeling to her as the swaddling is. She actually napped until it was time for her next meal.
I decided that after I fed her, we would head out to the store. I needed some more easy to eat snacks that don't require any work to get ready and eat. Its hard to keep yourself fed with a newborn around. And when you're nursing, you're just as hungry as you were when you were preggers. We finished eating and got out the door. I got Addy all loaded into the car when I realized I needed to go back in the house for something I forgot except when I go to look for the key in our garage, it was nowhere to be found. Addy and I were officially locked out of the house. The only solution was to drive out to Rockwall to get the key from Dusty. Ugh. Off we went.
We got to Dusty's store and my cousin, Lisa, was there getting her car worked on. Lovely treat. We got to see Daddy and Aunt Lisa all in one trip! (and don't forget the all important key!) After leaving Dusty, we headed to Super Target in Rowlett. I hadn't been to that one yet, its pretty new and super nice. We got what we needed and headed to the house all in time for her next meal! I was super proud of us! We got home and she was in a sweet mood, which is unusual for her when she is just waking. Here are some pictures her sweet face:

It was a good day. I must say it was so great to be out of the house!! You can get a little stir crazy couped up all this time. Tomorrow our outing is her pediatrician's appt. Grandma is going with us! (Daddy has to work :( ) We'll find out if she has caught back up to her birth weight...keep your fingers crossed!
Here are a couple pictures of Addy with her Daddy from yesterday.

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